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This is awesome. Apparently beyond all the talk about the Ryan budget, there is in fact another budget from the tea party side, one that’s even worse than the Ryan budget.(Which begs the question of how fucking bad does it have to be to be worse than a plan that destroys medicare as we know it while gutting social programs in a circlejerk effort to give more tax breaks to millionaires.)

But the Democrats did something clever. I assume the GOP leadership was banking on the fact every single Democrat along with enough Republicans would vote against it that it would never pass, and this terrible piece of stinking shit would never even make it onto the news since the Ryan budget just passed and is all over the airwaves. That is until the whole Democratic caucus decided to just vote “present”
In congress, you don’t need a majority of the entire chamber to pass a bill. If there’s enough members present to form a quorum to conduct business, you only need a majority of people voting. Voting “present” says you’re technically there, but won’t be voting at all on the bill and your vote shouldn’t count towards the majority needed.

So the more sane half of the GOP looked on in horror as it appeared the bill might actually pass the house, which would inevitably put it all over the news and give Democrats unbelievable cannon fodder, being able to switch the rhetoric from “The GOP wants to gut treasured social programs to give tax breaks to the rich” over to “The GOP has basically voted the entire government minus the department of defense out of existence”

So Republican members had to scramble to change their votes from yes to nay, and even still it was a close vote. The democrats managed to get Republicans to have to torpedo their own legislation while still being able to use it as cannon fodder on the campaign trail due to how close the vote was. Excellent.

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